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Why Managing Health & Safety is Important to Your Business

Accidents and ill health are costly to businesses, personnel and their families

  • High absenteeism equals higher costs
  • A high staff turnover means higher recruitment and training costs and usually results in reduced productivity and higher accidents
  • Directors and Managers can be held personally responsible for accidents where the correct measure are not in place which can be detrimental to careers
  • Losses from a major accident can completely ruin a company, both financially and in terms of reputation
  • Property and equipment damage can result in poor quality production and high costs for replacements


In the event of an accident or an HSE visit, will your Systems and Procedures pass the test?
Inspectors visiting your workplace will want to know how you manage your health and safety risks.  In other words, have you assessed all the risks in your workplace and introduced procedures to control or reduce risk.  We are all obliged to comply with Health and Safety Legislation.  Can companies afford to ignore the penalties which can mean an unlimited fine and or two years in prison.  If you think health and safety compliance is expensive, try an accident/incident  - especially since the HSE have introduced Fee For Intervention (FFI) they will charge you for investigating breaches!

Have you considered...

  • The time you spend defining the actions required to comply
  • The legal risks and costs of not interpreting legislative requirements adequately
  • The money you spend on publications, and updating them
  • The cost of insurance premiums (reduced risk results in reduced premiums)
  • The difficulty of getting advice from someone who knows you and your business and is there to help
  • The impossibility of getting someone who fully understands the situation on site when you need them
  • The frustration of people who always want to spend when you want to be more competitive
  • The adverse effect of high absenteeism or high staff turnover on output and customer care
  • The cost of recruitment and training - delays in getting new personnel up to speed
  • The difficulty of instigating effective action to comply with requirements
  • The costs (both financial and to your reputation) of a prosecution

Don't let your site look like this! We can help you effectively manage health and safety within your business. 

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