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Contract Client/Support Service/Competent Person

We offer an Annual Contract Client (ACC) service, which includes provision of a “Competent Person” (if required) and also results in substantial discounts being given to standard day rates.  A Retainer Fee, payable annually in advance, entitles the Annual Contract Client (ACC) to 5-15% discount from all standard prices and includes the following:

If you are not currently a Client of ours, and are interested in our ACC service, please contact us for an initial discussion to enable us to gain an understanding of your business and its activities, to help us to support you appropriately and effectively.

 For more information or to arrange an initial meeting, please contact us.

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 * The telephone and email support service (during office hours) is designed to assist you with any type of query that does not require us to visit you ie answering specific questions eg how many first aiders do I require in the site office or helping you deal with a particular issue you are currently facing within the workplace.  For more extensive works, such as reviewing the suitability and structure of your risk assessments and method statements, would incur charges at the discounted rate.